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                                         A Baker Legal Support Services Company

Welcome to New Horizons we are a division of Baker Legal Support Services.

New Horizons Technologies has been officially a division of Baker Legal Support Services since 1993.

Baker Legal Support Services has been providing legal support services for Law Firms since 1987, such as Process Serving, Legal Filing, Skip Tracing And courier services. Throughout our first few years we could see that the industry was not embracing the new technology that was becoming available. Business were still using word processors and typewriters. We started out small just getting them to use computers then getting them to let us network the computers. In late 1987 Windows 2.0 came out and it started becoming easier to show our clients that computers could be a good change.

By 1992 with the great improvements in Windows and then subsequently Windows for Workgroups we were routinely networking each employee to other employees.

By mid 1993 the Windows NT platform came out and then wow we could do some amazing things with small businesses.

By late 1994 we were integrating Cd-Rom’s in computers then Data\ Fax Modems.

Well at this point all of our existing clients and all new clients were now using Multimedia Computers. By this time we have clients in many other industries like, Oil and Gas industry, Medical, Accounting, Design, Retail and much more.

Well that brings us to our business today. We have clients all over the united states and several foreign countries.

We are family owned and operated company and have family members with an amazing array of experience. We have been building, setting up and repairing computers since the beginning of modern computing. With two generations of family members involved in our business we do not just think we are better than our competitors we know we are.

Please look through our site and take a look at what we can do for you.

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In this day and age no matter what business you are in, computer uptime translates to profit.